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Just as there are lots of ways someone can react when they get to a different country, there are also lots of methods by which someone can react when they feel unworthy. In precisely the exact same way that moving to a different country can have a huge effect on someone, feeling unworthy can have an even larger effect on them.

It would be more accurate to state that it not only a feeling, as it will almost certainly be something that has permeated their whole being. To see it as only a feeling would create the impression it is something which can just be ignored and have no effect whosever.

Two Options

Because of how powerful their internal experience of being unworthy will be, they could react in one of two ways. What they can do is adopt how they feel and let this experience to directly influence their life.

On the flip side, they may end up disconnecting from what’s occurring within them, letting it affect them in a more indirect manner. Therefore, no matter whether they opt for the first or the second choice, what’s occurring inside them will still affect their life.


What they’re also going to have is a powerful inner critic which lays into them through the day. But, while this is going to be occurring within them, an individual could believe that just about everybody else is also putting them down.

Two Types

Thus, even if one is in the business of someone who’s not critical, they might still think that this individual is judging their every movement.

As a consequence of what is occurring in them, they could believe that they deserve to be treated this way. An outside observer could wonder why they put up with this, however what’s taking place externally will only mirror back what’s occurring within them.


This can enable them to experience a reasonable number of good feelings.

Unlike the individual above, their inner critic will typically wind up being directed outwards, making them come across as highly judgemental. When this occurs, it is going to prevent them from having to be on the receiving end of its misuse.

A Feeling of Superiority

So, irrespective of how they live their life or what they’ve achieved, they’ll be above most people. This inflated sense of their own value and importance will enable them to maintain their authentic view of themselves .

There’ll be people that are repelled by them, whilst there’ll be others that are attracted to them. If a person surrounds themselves with those that have a similar personality, their opinions will make it easier for them to continue to act this way.

Due to these causes, an individual can make out that they’re a lot more virtuous than anyone else.

Not only can this be a way for them seem great, it will also be a means for them to release some of their aggression. If they did not do so, it might end up being directed towards them through their internal critic, with this having a negative impact on psychological and emotional wellbeing.

But, as they’ll be criticising people that aren’t residing in the’right’ way, they will most probably be in a position to abuse people without getting into trouble. It’s then not that they’re behaving in an abusive manner; it’s they are criticising behavior that is’incorrect’.

A Couple of Areas

This sort of behaviour can be understood in the political realm, with their being folks on either side of the spectrum that are on their high horse, so to speak. There are the men and women who do not eat meat that are also self-righteous, with just about every chance to inform everyone how this makes them better than cats.

All the time that somebody in this way can keep the view that they’re better than others, it is going to let them maintain their authentic view of themselves in bay. In the modern world, there are loads of causes out there for somebody to identify with, and social websites will offer them a platform to tell the world how virtuous they are.


Along with feeling worthless, someone such as this is very likely to be carrying plenty of shame. What they do will be a way of them to maintain this part of themselves and, if they were to stop acting in this manner, this shame would likely come up to the surface.

If a person can relate to this, and they would like to change their life, they might want to reach out for outside support. This can be given by the aid of a therapist or a healer.

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